Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog Facelift and New Facebook Page

Well it seems like forever since I last posted to this blog, so I thought an update was in order. Since winning the Second Chance Contest at theStudio I've been plugging away going through the tutorials and videos at the digi design academy. It's been a lot of fun and extremely valuable watching Sherah. She not only demonstrates the mechanics of designing various kit components, but the videos also give insight into her design philosophy, digital organization and work flow and processes. I've definitely picked up some new ideas and techniques which I've incorporated into a new kit that I'll be posting here very soon -- so check back for that.

In the meantime, I've implemented some of the "marketing-type" changes -- including the redesign of my blog header to add clickable buttons as well as the creation of a facebook page for designs by jmdt. I'm working on getting the facebook page integrated with my blog postings, so hopefully that will happen beginning with this post. (Next on my list is integration with google+)

That's about it for now -- I'll be back soon with a blog freebie!

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